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Your Time Versus My Time!

April 11, 2023, Prophetic Word Received by Rev. Trudy Daley

Your Time Versus My Time!

Your life expectancy is about seventy years and if you are blessed, it could be more, perhaps many more! For the first thirteen years, you are considered a child and are limited in what you are held accountable for. The age which you are considered legally, and adult can vary from eighteen to twenty-one in the United States. Your destiny begins the minute that you are conceived and hopefully allowed to be born. I know your beginning and your end. You can shorten your lifespan by the choices that you make that affect your health and mental and spiritual well-being. The quality of your life will also be determined by your choices in the life span that you are given, what you will allow to influence you and your destiny, and ultimately the rewards that you will be given in heaven. The people that you associate with can influence your life in a positive or negative way. Give me permission to bring into your life those who will be a blessing to you and take out those who will not be good for you. A few bad choices can affect your life, but they can be forgiven and the destruction that they caused reversed. What will you do with the time that you have been given when due to Covid-19 many lives have been shortened and dramatically affected? Take the length of time that you have seriously and prioritize what you need to do and include many times saying, “I love you, and appreciate you.”

My Time!

The events that you desire to happen will be in My time and not your time. I began My plans for you and the world thousands of years ago, and the enemy and all his efforts will not change them since I know all things and how and when they are to happen. At the present time, the enemy is trying to speed events up but to no avail. Often people try to figure out what I am going to do and when. Sometimes My prophets give words that happen immediately (from one day to three years) or very soon (one to ten years) or now or on this day (one to forty years). My timing is perfect, and you need to trust that I am never early and never late! In My Word, I have prophesied many things that shall surely come to pass in My perfect time.

Weekly Challenge! Trust My timing for all things!

A Word of Encouragement!

My timing for all things is perfect even though I am outside linear time. As such, I see the past, the present, and the future simultaneously. Even though you may not understand how, I can heal things from the past in the present time. Trust My timing for all things that it will be loving and beneficial for you because I love you unconditionally.

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