• Rev. Trudy Daley


DO NOT WORRY! It is a form of unbelief. Most of what you worry about will never happen, and you can make yourselves sick over it. Have I not shown you that you can trust Me to protect you and provide for you. When something happens that appears to be negative or an attack of the enemy, ask Me to bring something positive out of the situation and then step back and see how I do it. When something breaks, is it time to replace it before greater harm comes from it not working? Perhaps, a newer model will be more efficient and work better and save you money. Another possibility is that you have an opportunity to share your faith or a word of encouragement to the person handling your problem.

You worry about your children and become over protective of them and make them fearful and overly cautious so that they do not develop as much as they could because they are afraid to take risks. Remember that they are Mine and have been a part of Me before they became yours. I love them as much or more than you do. I created them. I gifted them, and I gave them life. I will be with them throughout their lives. They may choose to leave Me, but I will never leave them. If they seek Me, they will find Me, and if they cry out to Me, I will answer them. When they choose to sin, and repent for sinning, I will forgive them and remember their sins no more. I am a loving Father who gave My own Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for them to be able to be forgiven for their sins.

The world as you know it is shifting and changing and worrying about what will happen will perhaps cause you to go into depression or have a sense of hopelessness. It will not change anything. The enemy is in crisis as his plans and those who are implementing them are rapidly falling apart, and they are desperate. They are trying to start a war to distract people from seeing what is really happening. The whole financial system needs to be revamped, but the enemy plans for it will not happen. As many continue to die from the effects of disease and the vaccines, the position of countries and their status will change, especially for China and those who have been run by a communist government. DO NOT WORRY in any of these circumstances, but trust Me in all things.

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