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Who Lies to You!?

Does the government lie to you? YES! Does the media lie to you? YES! Do other people lie to you? YES! Do you lie to yourself? Sometimes, YES! Does the enemy lie to you? DEFINITELY! Do I lie to you? NO! Knowing truth is very important to how you live your life, and the choices that you make. Some people think that what they are saying is the truth so that they are not intentionally lying to you. Others know that they are lying to you, but it serves their purposes. Governments lie. Politicians lie. The enemy lies. The media lies. They all lie to accomplish their agendas so they conclude that it is all right to do so. Your life depends on knowing the truth.

Who you choose to listen to and believe may be a matter of life and death to you. Some of the lies that could cost you your eternal life are that there are many gods and many ways to get to heaven. NOT TRUE! What sources do you go to for the truth? Seek Me and My Truth, and I will reveal it to you. Are you too busy just trying to live day by day to spend any time or effort to seek the truth about a matter? Do you just go along with the crowd trusting that they will lead you in the right ways? They will not!

My Holy Spirit can guide and direct you about every issue you face if you will allow Him to do so. His directions will never lead you astray. They may seem to be different than what you think, but He has available to Him all knowledge of the past, present and future. Ask for HIs help.

Fire is a force that will be going forth in many ways. My holy fire will touch people and transform them and their lives. My earthly fire will bring physical destruction and damage to various parts of the world. My fire of justice will purge those who have walked in evil and to the detriment of others, especially children. My fire is ready to be released in all of its forms. There is yet time for those who need to for repentance and to change their ways before I reach them. Your sins are not forgiven or forgotten until they are repented of and there is a sincere change of heart. My Son, Jesus Christ, died for your sins that you may have the possibility of being saved and sharing eternity with Me. Seek truth - My truth, and you will be set free and blessed in many ways. Amen.

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