• Rev. Trudy Daley

Who Is In Control?

The Deep State and Globalists think that they are in control. The government thinks that it is in control. The White Hats think that they are in control. Many of you think that you are in control of your lives. The truth is that I am in control and always have been. Many do not understand that I exist in the past, present and future simultaneously. I am outside of time. I know exactly what things are going to happen and when and that is why My Word can accurately predict what is going to happen down to the smallest detail. Some prophetic words that are given by My prophets, however, are conditional and may not come to pass. Many question that if I am in control then why do so many bad things happen. The simple answer is free will. I will not go against the free will of people. The more complex answer is the work of the enemy through people’s wills have been taken over and not able to resist. Your battles are not only against your own will and flesh, but also the efforts of the enemy to destroy you so that you cannot fulfill your destiny and do the work that I have called you to do. Some for the sake of riches and fame have sold their souls and destinies to the enemy. Ask yourselves if I am in control of your life. Am I the center of all that you choose to say and do? Only in My Will can you find peace and rest for your soul.

I have begun the downfall of all the forces seeking to destroy My children and this world. The arrogance of those who would plot to remove billions of My people so that they can control the remainder. They have planned for not just the recent pandemic but for many more to come. Their major tactic is fear. They know that people just want to live their lives in peace and without strife of any kind, and so they know that they can manipulate and control people through anything that creates fear. People, however, are waking up to their plots and plans and those who have developed these plans are about to be dealt with harshly. I am removing many who have come against My children through abortion, abduction and sex trafficking. They will wish that they had never been born. AMEN!

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