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January 17, 2023 Prophetic Word Received by Rev. Trudy Daley

Where Is Your Focus?

As you begin this new year, where is your focus? Are you looking back or are you looking forward? Looking back may be positive or negative depending on your perspective. If you accomplished a great deal, you may be excited to see what the new year may hold. If your reaction to all that happened was negative, you may be feeling exhausted, discouraged, and questioning if you should give up. Thousands of churches are closing and many clergy are leaving the ministry. However, this is a time to renew your focus on those things that I am calling you to do. Perhaps, you do need to reevaluate your direction if I am closing a door, and you need to look for guidance as to where I would have you move. Change is always a challenge but with My help, it can be beneficial and encouraging. I will renew your strength if you ask Me to. Give Me permission to close the doors in your life that need closing and to open the ones that I want to open. This could include many aspects of your life, even relationships, people, and your church affiliation.

Much Is Happening!

As you focus on world events, much is happening even though the media is not reporting it. The Supreme Court has made a new ruling that will allow My Word

( The Bible and Ten Commandments) back in school. There will be world leaders dying or resigning from office, and political people also resigning in order to avoid exposure from their involvement in corrupt activities. Watch for all the exits from Washington, D.C. All is being exposed as I have proclaimed. Nothing will remain hidden. NOTHING!

Difficult Times!

As many of you are struggling with the high cost of heat, gas, and groceries, know that I am the source of your provision. Yes, the times are difficult in many ways and may continue that way for some time as the enemy seeks your destruction. I call you to trust Me during these times. As you reflect on past times, can you not see how I was there for you and brought you through your difficulties. Trust Me that I will be there for the difficult days ahead as much around you seems to be collapsing which is necessary to stop all the evil that is rampant throughout the world. This is the period of darkness before the dawn of a new era politically and spiritually.

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