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Wake up and look around and see all that is happening

Wake up and look around and see all that is happening. The enemy is being empowered by what you say. Blood is the key and what it accomplishes. The blood of Jesus was shed for your sins so that you could be set free from their consequences when you repent of them. When a baby is aborted, that innocent blood becomes the source that fuels the power of darkness and gives Satan power to bring death to us instead of life. The enemy is trying to reverse the Biblical laws that I have made about life and marriage, to have them become acceptable and normal, and instead have them come in agreement with evil and against what My word declares. The family is designed to be the foundation and main structure of society. As it deteriorates, so does life.

In spite of all the progress that has been made in various ways, why are more marriages ending in divorce? Why are there more deaths from drug overdoses in teenagers and a higher suicide rate? Depression is rampant throughout all age levels and even little children are now being diagnosed with depression.

The world would have you look at the economy and job opportunities and yet not allow you to become aware of the devastation in your cities and how many sections in the country where businesses are closing and entire towns are closing down. It is time to wake up and realize that you are fighting for your lives and futures as well as for those of your children and grandchildren.

Within a few years, the world as it now stands will look very different. Several very oppressive cultures will be turned upside down as revival that has been growing in underground settings comes to the surface and shakes governments. A true revival transforms people and cultures. This will take place in locations that you never thought possible.

Be careful whose words that you listen to as there are prophets arising who are not speaking for Me but claim to be doing so. Test the prophetic words that you receive and pray about them and ask Me for confirmation of any life changing words. Seek Me for yourself, and I will speak to you through many avenues: dreams, visions, writings, movies, books, sermons and My Holy Spirit. A spirit of deception is at work in many forms so test all that you hear.

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