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Vengeance is mine, I will repay. The level of corruption throughout the world is so deep that many cannot comprehend it. Evil has penetrated all levels of society and impacts children in many ways. That women would choose to abort their unborn child is difficult to fathom. Children are being sold in some areas of the world so that the parents can eat or have money. Children are being trafficked so that others can cross borders and then they are abandoned. How horrific it is that the children are valued so little. Unfortunately, this has been true since biblical times when children were sacrificed to please the gods. I grieve every time that this happens to one of the children that I created and gave life to. So yes, I am about to take my vengeance on the forces that are responsible for the death and suffering of so many of My children. None will escape their just punishment which will come in various forms. For those who developed and released a virus and spread mass fear, you indeed shall endure My wrath. For those who interfered with helpful treatments and used deadly protocols, I will send forth My angels of destruction to bring destruction to your lives! Yes, I am a loving God but many have forgotten that I am also a God of justice and not worldly justice but true justice for I have complete knowledge of all the aspects of a situation.

Continue to watch the weather patterns and earthquakes for My creation is also reflecting My wrath and displeasure. I am also a God who restores so in spite of all the physical devastation that is happening, all that can be restored. I regard life as far more precious than things, and so when it is given so little value, I am angered. Many do not know the law of sowing and reaping- whatever you sow, you shall reap it multiplied. If you sow blessings, you shall reap blessings multiplied. If you sow evil or negativity, you shall reap it multiplied. What are you sowing and reaping in your life? Remember that one day you shall stand before Me and give an account for your life and actions. Do not so live that you reap My vengeance but live so that you receive many riches now and in heaven.

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