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May 23, 2023, Prophetic Word Received by Rev. Trudy Daley


Much is about to happen to create chaos and upheaval not only in the United States but also throughout the world. How are you going to deal with it even as artificial intelligence (A.I.) is going to be used to confuse what is truth and what is fictional? Technology can create images that can make you believe someone, or something is real when it is not. Masks can make you believe that the person that you see is real when they are someone else. How many doubles do politicians and leaders have to help protect themselves? Clones have also been in existence for years.

Why is upheaval happening? It is happening to divert your attention from all the corruption that is being exposed about the Biden family, the FBI, and the Department of Justice and their interference in investigations. The media has also participated by not covering these events, especially the Durham investigation. With the 2024 election approaching, knowledge of what the truth is becomes very important. The church needs to wake up to all that is being done to try to destroy this nation, and who is doing it. Do not believe the lie that Christians should stay out of politics. If you want to see this nation saved: vote, learn about the real issues and what the truth about them is.

You may believe that it is best to just focus on your life and family, but the enemy will not allow that but will intervene in ways that you never thought possible through drugs, guns, riots, and technology. Phones are being used to cause teenagers to become more isolated, depressed, and even suicidal. It has been shown that when phones are taken away from some teens that they will even become aggressive and violent. Open your eyes to all that is happening around you and take action to address it. The enemy has in his plans and sight the destruction of this country by attacking families, religion, culture, and your children. It only takes a few generations to destroy a nation and its culture. America is at that point in history that this could happen. Step up! Wake up! Pray up! Show up to keep this from happening!

Weekly Challenge – Look beyond you and your family and see what is happening in the world.

Word of Encouragement!

All is not lost because God is on your side, and He has and will continue to defeat evil in all its forms. What the enemy means for evil, God will turn into good for you. Trust Him to do that!

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