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Under Attack?

October 19, 2021 Prophetic Word

Under Attack?

Are you under attack? The enemy has ramped up his attacks. It is not your imagination. This is especially true if you are coming against his plans of deception and are victorious over them. All areas of life are under attack. Even children are not excluded as their education has been affected. They have been isolated and forced to wear masks and take vaccines that are not approved. They are also being influenced by a culture that challenges their identity and belief systems. For adults, they have experienced many of the same things, but now, are having their jobs and careers threatened. How far will all of this go? It is not only true in the United States but throughout the world. In some places, the lockdowns and enforcement are more extreme. Today, I declare it is enough. The enemy has silenced, intimidated and destroyed millions of lives and gotten away with it. In America, food shortages and energy crises have been created as another form of intimidation to force people into submitting to government control. I am the God who created you, restores you, heals you, delivers you, and saves you as well as protects you, provides for you and loves you. I am your source for all things; not your job and not the government. The more that you seek to be your own protector and provider, the more that you will struggle. Call upon Me, and I will answer. There is nothing too big or small to come to Me about. Do not be afraid of Me. I love you, value you and want a relationship with you.

Watch as a great shift is about to take place. It won’t seem noticeable at first, but there is going to be a ”suddenly” and changes will happen quickly after that. The physical realm will be affected as well as the economic, political and spiritual realms. Yes, there will be blackouts, but do not fear them. Pray against violent uprisings and attempts to cause confusion as these will be created distractions so that you do not see the truth about what is really happening. A handful of people control all the organizations, corporations and financial institutions in an effort to create a one world government before its time so I am and will intervene and stop this plan.

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