• Rev. Trudy Daley


Turmoil, turmoil, and more turmoil. The war/game is still going on. The enemy is manipulating people and events to force the outcome that he wants. I have set in motion My plans to stop him. Who controls the world? I do - not the bloodline families that have used their power and influence for centuries to determine outcomes. They have no regard for individuals whom they consider mere pawns in their game and who are expendable. They have funded both sides of wars, influenced elections worldwide and are funding many governmental positions in the United States to bring about their agenda. Big Tech has been used by them to censor and distort news and silence truth.

I have heard the cries and prayers of My people. Do not fall into the trap of believing that one political party is right and one political party is wrong and get caught in the battle between them. I have weighed both parties and found them wanting. They claim to be for the people and a few are but many have been bought or blackmailed and are forced to do the bidding of their masters. How sad this is! I know all things and much that tried to be hidden will soon be revealed and will shock the nation and the world. Watch for signs from Me in the heavens and earth - unusual signs. What is happening in America is a reflection of what is happening throughout the world. All the corruption is soon to be exposed, and there will be judgement and punishment. Pray for those involved in these things that they would repent and not lose their eternal salvation. I am a merciful God and a forgiving one.

Revival is the hope of the world where darkness is turned into light and death into life. Towns, cities, regions, states - and even nations can be transformed. Choose to be part of this - My restoration. Healing and deliverance shall be at a level never seen before. Churches will be filled with My Glory and the presence of My angels. Soul wounds from past trauma creating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder will be healed by prayer. Gender confusion and sexual issues will be touched and wholeness restored. Conviction of sin will drive many to change their lifestyles and draw closer to Me. Beware of great deception that is also coming. You will all be tested and have to choose between life, revival and restoration or deception and death. Choose wisely and seek Me before you decide issues in your life.

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