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My Word is truth and if you choose to live by it then I can use you as My instrument in the world to transform that which the enemy means for evil to good. I use all that happens to you for ultimate good. It may take a lifetime to see that. It would appear that if you looked at Joseph’s life during certain periods of time that it wasn’t true. However, by the end of his life, he not only had gone from a prison to a palace but dramatically affected a nation and his own family. At times, the truth that you are living in may seem painful, and it doesn’t seem to make sense but give it time - perhaps even years.

At this time, it is difficult to discern what is truth because the world is flooded with propaganda from every media source. This was planned and designed to get you to a place where you no longer questioned anything and just accepted what you have been told. I am about to release truth - absolute truth, but many will choose not to believe it. How sad because their lives may very well depend on knowing the real truth. What lies have you chosen to believe from the government, doctors, teachers, politicians and all forms of media? You need to search out the truth and not just accept what you have heard from these sources. If you ask Me to, I will direct you to where you can find out the truth. I will also allow My Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to you. I want you to know truth, speak truth and live truth as a witness to the world.

I am grieved by the awareness that so many of My children who call themselves mine are still living and speaking unforgiveness on a daily basis. Your words have power to move you forward or keep you in bondage. Speaking unforgiveness, revenge, anger, or bitterness will keep you in bondage and unhealed. I have given you grace to change, receive it and choose to do so. I change people - you do not, but you keep trying and thinking that you can. I am about to release a spirit of revelation in the world, and those that choose to receive it will become a powerful source of truth to the world. My prophets are about to be given information and revelation that will shock and rock the world, and those that choose to believe it will become a force of power and good in the world. Choose to know truth and speak it and live it.


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