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October 4, 2022 Prophetic Word Received by Rev. Trudy Daley


Should you trust the information from the mainstream media? NO! Should you trust the government? Not all of the time. Should you trust politicians? Not all of them. Should you trust the pharmaceutical companies? Not necessarily. I do give medicine for My children to use to be healed but not all medicine is helpful. Some medicines that have been on the market for a period of time prove to be ultimately harmful. Before you choose to take medication, pray about doing so. Some medications can and will save your life. Some will harm you and can even hasten your death, Does everyone tell you the truth when they speak with you? NO! Lying for some people is perfectly acceptable and useful. Is the judicial system fair and unbiased? NO! It is supposed to be but is not. I call My children to speak the truth and to speak it in love. Are you doing that? If not, then the enemy is using you to create distrust which is harmful to relationships and can cause the ultimate destruction of that relationship. Some would say, “Well it was only a little white lie.” All lies are disruptive. The current world situation is based on lies, deception, illegal transactions, and a spirit of power and corruption that wants to control and destroy all that comes against it. Governments around the world have inflicted great harm against their people. Even those nations that call themselves Christian have leaders who are working to create a one world government in which they will help to rule the world. There are powerful people (many billionaires) who believe that there are too many people on the planet to sustain life at the current level, and therefore, billions need to be removed. Are you one of those people who would be removed? Probably! I created this earth and will make a way for people to survive. Man and his greed are the ones causing starvation and death in various forms. I am about to change that. I am the one who will speak truth to you, and you can trust Me all the time and in every situation.


Trust Me in every situation and do not lie about anything!

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