• Rev. Trudy Daley

Trouble, Trouble, and More Trouble!

Trouble, trouble, and more trouble is what the enemy is trying to cause between races, in politics, in communities, in relationships and in families. Family members are fighting over politics and whether or not to take the vaccine. Out of these fights families are starting not to talk to one another, and the enemy wins again in his war to divide and conquer and cause confusion. Do not buy into his tactics. I am a God of love, and I want My children to know My love, share My love and walk in My love. Love brings peace, health, hope and encouragement. Hate and division bring despair, discouragement and death. Choose love!

Truth is beginning to be revealed in many areas. The CDC is now stating that only 6% of the Covid-19 deaths were really from Covid-19. The rest were really from many other causes. The media is still not sharing that message. The truth about the number of deaths from vaccines is coming out in other countries. Do not succumb to the fear that the enemy is using against you and will continue to try to create with more news of new variants.

China and Iran have come together in hopes of overcoming Israel and America, but they will be in for a shock in both countries. Donald Trump is about to arise. I am stirring and shifting things that have been going against him but that is soon to change. Many surprises are in store for those who have counted him out. The Deep State has not won. They are only trying to make it look that way.

I am concerned for My young people who have been misled by the media, the educational system and even the government. They are more insecure than previous generations who knew My Word and ways and chose to live by them. Values that were well known and accepted are now being challenged - marriage, prejudice, freedom of speech, the sanctity of life and even the family. They need to know My truth and not the world’s truth.

All is not lost as I am a God of restoration, and I am about to restore much that the enemy has tried to destroy; the economy, families, the monetary system and even life itself. Revival has started and will continue to break out in many places, and a healing anointing will be at work through people who seem unlikely to be used by Me. I chose those whom the world would reject.

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