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Trouble, trouble and more trouble

Trouble, trouble and more trouble; many politicians are about to be in. Yes, I know that many have been blackmailed and forced to do what they are told, but they will still be held accountable and have to pay the consequences. Only a few have stood for truth and righteousness, and they shall be protected and rewarded. My children, I am soon to relieve you from the bondages that have been placed upon you unnecessarily for the sake of political gain. The fakery that has been used to oppress you will soon be revealed as well as the lies that they have told you.

I call all who can to work and pray for the release of My children in the web of trafficking. Hundreds of thousands of My children are taken into bondage each year, and the world turns a blind eye to it and the suffering that they endure. Enough – bring My children out of Egypt.

March – rise up and march My spiritual warriors. This is a spiritual battle you must fight but know that the victory is yours. The cities are about to come under siege, and you need to watch your comings and goings to be safe. Blackouts and brownouts are going to come in many forms. Have cash on hand so if you cannot use credit cards, you can still buy groceries and gas. Make sure that you have a supply of water available – see what took place in Texas. The Chinese are going to use weather technology to attack this country, but they are in for a surprise for what they sow, they will reap multiplied. March is going to be a strange month of storms both naturally and politically.

I am going to uncover much that is hidden in politics, under the table and underground. Truth shall prevail, and it will bless and set free many issues. My desire is to bless and not curse, but those who have chosen to fight Me will not be blessed. There soon will be many transfers that will take place: positions, influence, wealth and power.

You need to prepare yourselves for all that is about to take place. Ask Me to help you face the truth that is about to be revealed, and the backlash from the enemy who will soon be taken down. Do not be afraid as I am with you and watch over you. Do not be overwhelmed by the depth of evil that has been hidden. Trust Me even when you don’t understand what I am doing in the world and in your lives. I will be taking home many who have faithfully served Me and will be transforming “church” as you know it. Amen.

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