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Trouble is fastly approaching in the world. The covid pandemic is still being fueled with the lies about variants that are here and more of those that are coming that are more deadly. Fear is still the key emotional weapon and intimidation is the tactic that they are employing. Any information that contradicts the governmental edics is silenced. Fear not, I am still in charge and the plans of the enemy are about to come to a rapid halt. The pharmaceutical reign of terror released throughout the world through their financing of agencies of the government, hospitals, doctors and researchers is about to end. New medical discoveries, and the release of all the effects of medicines which have been hidden will be revealed.

All the chaos and confusion that has been released in the world has negatively impacted the lives of My children. The enemy knows that his time is short and therefore, is working harder than ever to attack those standing against his efforts with prayer, unity and worship. Stand fast and do not give up! Revival has begun in various parts of the world. It seems to be in small areas but will grow rapidly. While the enemy is attacking you, I too am at work in you as you deal with the issues in your life that are limiting you and My ability to use you. Do not try to bury your issues or run away from Me working in you and through you. My grace is sufficient for you. No matter what you have done or are doing, it does not increase or decrease My love for you as it is unconditional and always will be.

Nations are about to rise and fall as My perfect and sovereign will is accomplished. Do not listen to the propaganda that the news is feeding you that America is now weak and disgraced. I established America, and I will sustain and prosper it even as the enemy is trying to destroy it with food and supply shortages, rising inflation and financial crises in banking and housing. I am a God of restoration and resurrection, and you are about to see both in your lives and in your nation. Yes, I have and will judge My children and nations to draw them back to Me for their ultimate salvation. My grace and mercy are also very much at work as you cry out to Me for help in every situation in your life. My love is available to all who seek it and receive it.

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