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Trauma, Shakings, Suddenlies

April 25, 2023, Prophetic Word Received by Rev. Trudy Daley

Trauma, Shakings, Suddenlies

Many of you have been experiencing traumas in your lives as the effects of Covid-19 losses that have continued to affect your financial situation, health issues, and your family losses. Do not allow these events to create bitterness or anger in you as these will open the door to spiritual oppression. What does spiritual oppression look like? The inability to function fully and be at peace. Thoughts and emotions will work against you to make you believe lies and feel hopeless and frustrated. It can also take the form of being physically attacked in your body as well as in your mind and spirit.

What can be shaken, will be shaken! It has to be this way because My church, in part, is still asleep and not waking up to its power and authority against the plans of the enemy to stop them from destroying this world and humanity. Those who seek to depopulate the earth from eight billion to five hundred million are serious. To them, they believe this is critical. Throughout history, I have provided information and inventions that have moved societies forward creating better lives and futures. However, man’s desire for power and his sinfulness have hindered all that I have desired for My children throughout the world. Shakings will, I pray, will wake up My children in time to stand and fight against those seeking to destroy them.

Part of the awakening process are suddenlies. These will take place at a corporate level and a personal one. Even My children seek to remain where they are and to maintain their existence as it is in spite of how bad it may be. I can no longer allow this as their future hangs in the balance. In battles, either you fight, die, or become a prisoner. Right now, the church needs to fight in the battle for survival or it will be persecuted and tried to be destroyed. The peoples of the world need to stand up and fight against the tyranny that would try to kill humanity by any means that it can or make you slaves to its agenda. Watch for the suddenlies that are coming. Stand up and fight against evil in all of its forms.

Weekly Challenge! Wake up and join the battle against evil in all its forms.

Word Of Encouragement

Much is changing that is going to bless many. My angels have been sent forth to bless, heal and set My children free at every level. They will seek you out to minister to you!

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