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My Timing, Your Timing, The World’s Timing and The Enemy’s Timing.

Nothing happens before its time. You, the world and the enemy can try to change My timing, but it is not going to happen. You live in a universe that is built upon precision and that is why it works. When man tries to disrupt it with his technology, negative results happen. In this past year and a half, the enemy and the globalists have tried to speed up the timing of their agenda. It is about to backfire in a big way. They continue to underestimate Me and My power. I exist in the past, present and future simultaneously. I can see and hear the enemy in the garden tempting Eve. I can see the Red Sea parting and then closing behind the Egyptians. I can see the Israelites in the desert, in the promised land and then being led into captivity.

I am raising up My prophets, some of which I have kept hidden from the world. There is confusion in their midst over timing and what and when I am about to move. They do hear My voice, but they are sometimes influenced to respond to the pressure to speak about worldly matters. What they say seems incorrect because they are out of timing, but their content is correct. When I say “soon”, that could mean a day, a week, a month, a year or even years. I speak through My Holy Spirit to My children who will listen whenever they seek Me for answers and wisdom. The timing of that answer may not be immediate, but if they wait upon Me, I will answer. You live in an instant answer world of microwaves, drive thrus and television shows whose plot is given and resolved in hours. The seventy or so years that you are on earth is a mere second in My eternal plan. I am not in a hurry. I am not early or late but on time.

You have been and are going through a difficult time in your life no matter whether you are at the beginning of your life or near its end. I am keenly aware of every issue that is going on and what you need to get through it. I am confronting many of you who are dealing with strongholds so that I can set you free and use you in the coming revival. I do not want you to be vulnerable to the accusations of the enemy so that he can render you ineffective. Ask Me to strengthen you in the battle and give you the strategies that you need to win. Remember, I never test you beyond what you are able to endure and give you a way to victory. Trust Me for My perfect timing in your life and the lives of your family. Pray the blood of Jesus over every member of your family for protection against all the battles that are coming, Remember you win!

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