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You live in a society that seeks instant results and gets frustrated when things do not happen that way. Do you know that I created the world and you in the exact time frame that was needed and in the exact sequence that would prove to scientists the validity of My Word. I am a God of order and seek order in My Kingdom and that what happens on earth is what has already been declared in heaven. I give to My prophets glimpses of these things. Many of you get disappointed because I do not work according to your time frame. You are one among billions of whom I am uniquely aware of, and what I choose to do often affects some of you if not all of you.

I am at work and many have knowledge of what is happening, but the media will not report that information. Most of what is reflected in the news is dictated by a handful of people and each channel just reports it. Do not believe what you are hearing. There is soon to be a period of media silence and then a breakthrough.

Do not give up. Change is coming. Much of what is happening that is negative can and will be reversed. The depth of evil that has been committed and by whom will shock the world to its very core. The level of depravity has reached such a level that the stench of it has reached My nostrils, and I can no longer tolerate it. I pray that the individuals involved will repent and turn from their ways before it is too late.

As hard as it is to believe, good is coming. Medical breakthroughs and cures will no longer be kept hidden, and the pharmaceutical industry will be uncloaked, and its corruption revealed. Doctors have been caught in its ugly grip and tactics have been used that have kept them from their oath to do no harm. There is much in nature that I have provided that will help you with wellness. Seek out these things. You have been kept in bondage by the virus and those using it to control you. Their plans include more ways to do so by shortages of all kinds; food, gas, building supplies and even medicines. These will be manipulated to create these circumstances. Turn to Me. I am your protector and provider. Yes, I will provide for your needs but not necessarily for your wants. Share what you have with those who have less thereby giving to Me.

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