• Rev. Trudy Daley

Time is Short!

The world is heading down a path that it believes to be progress when in reality it is one of destruction. Scientists in their efforts to improve man and his existence will do the exact opposite and put man’s eternal destiny in jeopardy. I destroyed the world once because the seed of man, created in My image, had been corrupted. Now, this is about to happen again. Man through AI (Artificial Intelligence) is creating a new god that will be able to rule man and make him believe that he will live forever. This is a lie of the enemy so that he can win in accomplishing his goal of destroying God’s most valued creation, man.

I have told you many times to get prepared with extra food, water, medicine and cash. Shortages of all kinds are being created and will impact everyone soon. WAKE UP! The enemy is out to destroy the world and you in whatever ways that he can. Just as I preserved Noah and his family in the midst of the flood, so will I protect those who are Mine. Time is growing short for many people who have been targeted to be destroyed in various ways. Pray for those who are not saved, especially those in your family.

My intervention is coming even if it is not as fast as many would like it to come. If it came too soon, people would just go back to their old patterns of life and not recognize the times that they are living in and their need to change.

Revival has started and will be growing. Persecution produces an awareness of what is important and the need to do those things critical to life and survival; earthly survival and eternal survival. Stop and reevaluate your life and what part your faith and I play in it. Without Me, you are lost. Take an account of your relationship with Me, My Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We are your source of survival not only for now but for eternity. I know that the enemies’ attacks against you have been many and severe. I call you to rebuke the enemy and his attacks, and he will have to flee. Blessings are coming to My servants. Wait upon Me for them. Dreams, visions and miracles are being poured out upon My children to bless them and the world. Through these, many will be drawn to Me and be saved.

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