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Time Is Running Out!

Time is running out for the Deep State! All of their plots and plans will be coming to an end. They may make several desperate attempts to keep control, especially of the money supply. Time is also running out for all those attached to the efforts to bring this nation down. Watch as many resignations begin to happen or early retirements. This will be true not only in the corporate world but also in government and even in the military. The level of treason that has permeated this nation is far wider and deeper than many can imagine, and it almost succeeded, but it will be crashing down very very soon!

Time is also running out for many who will face death without knowing their salvation through My Son, Jesus Christ. Few know the exact time that they will die and so be prepared by making a decision to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and turn your life over to Him. Then, watch to see what He does with it. Many of you have been wandering around in the world’s wilderness and keep missing opportunities that I have placed before you, but your time and given opportunities may be running out. Do not keep putting off a relationship with Me or working on becoming the person that you want to be. I will help you change and help you with your attitudes and behaviors.

Medicine as you know it is about to change. I have given you doctors and medicines that have helped you have healthier lives. This has been dramatically affected by some key individuals and companies that have succumbed to greed and lies. Opioids, meant to help with pain, now kill thousands of people and cause others to be addicted. Fentanyl, an opioid, which is even more deadly is streaming into our nation over the border from Mexico and China. It is fifty times more powerful than heroin and one hundred times more powerful than morphine. These drugs are part of China’s efforts to destroy America. What it does not know is that it is going to pay a very high price for doing this. Watch and see as China falls.

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