• Rev. Trudy Daley

There is a major shift that is about to take place that the world has not seen coming

There is a major shift that is about to take place that the world has not seen coming. It will upset many especially the elites and globalists. Their reign of terror, deception and corruption is about to come to an end. I am removing significant officials that have led an on-going saga of deceit and deception. They thought that they were untouchable, but I say, “not so’. My justice is about to be served. It has begun in My own house where I am removing those who have refused to repent and who do not preach My gospel and do not live according to My standards. This is a time of cleansing for all, not just a few. Examine yourself and repent of anything that needs repentance and turn back to Me and My ways while there is still time.

I am about to deal also with the media moguls who have corrupted the airways with lies, filth and violence. They have set the stage for immorality and corruption, and I say, “no more of this”.

This shutdown was an opportunity to be free from all that kept you busy and focused on being entertained and absent from your families and Me. Yes, in time these things will return, but I implore you to rethink your participation in them. Choose a new way of life that will bless you and your family. Many of you have pulled together to help others. When this is over, continue to do the same. Many will still be struggling financially and barely be getting by.

During these days as you have had more quiet time to reflect, have you been experiencing insights and information about what to do and how to do it? The Holy Spirit has been speaking to you through many means in an effort to help you through this crisis. That same Holy Spirit is ready to guide you in all things if you ask for Him to come into your life. He is an inner guidance system who has access to all wisdom, truth and knowledge as well as the ability to help you with every situation that you face. He will not deceive you nor will He mislead you in anyway. Ask Him to fill you so that you can be blessed and protected.

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