• Rev. Trudy Daley

The unraveling has begun!

The unraveling has begun and will continue. It started under one administration and has finally been exposed and its purposes will not succeed. This applies to various places, not just one. The quest for power and dominance resides in many hearts not just in countries but also in corporations, organizations, churches and families. A spirit of control and confusion are at work to the extent that fear is rampant and illogical. Children are even feeling anxious and depressed at very young ages. This is not what I want for My children of any age. Seek to know the truth which will set you free from these things. I am a God that does not lie. I will not lie to you. Ask Me for the truth about an issue, and I will reveal it to you. Lies destroy that is why I call you to always speak the truth, walk in truth and love the truth because it is what will serve you well. These things which have tried to be hidden will soon be exposed and will unleash a backlash that will be unimaginable to those involved. Corruption has so long been allowed and tolerated that those involved believe that it would always go on unnoticed and unpunished. Yes, man would and does allow such things, but I do not. Watch and see.

I call America and all nations to repentance for those things that they have allowed that endanger My children; abortion, pornography, trafficking, drugs, and rampant sexual activity and perversion. I established the family and the institution of marriage to provide a safe framework in which to have My children’s needs met and learn of Me and My ways so that they can be safe, happy, loved and fulfill their destinies that I have prepared for them. Living together without marriage sets the stage for much unhappiness and insecurity because it allows the enemy to come in and create division. It is most damaging to children and women who need security to flourish. I hate divorce. I hate abuse of any kind. I know that they are not My will for My children and know that one often creates the other.

My desire for all My children is to be loved and valued and treated with respect.

My Son, Jesus Christ, died so that the power of sin and death could be overcome in the lives of My children. Draw closer to Me so that I can help you through your difficult and confusing days. I am always with you even if you don’t believe that I am there.

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