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The time has come

The time has come. My desire is to set My people free in many ways. This spiritual battle that you are in is difficult and serious. Much rides on its outcome. I already have the victory, but the enemy is not surrendering. He will do as much damage as he can until he is stopped. Wake up and listen to my instructions to you so that blessings and restoration can come to you during this time. Continue to humble yourselves and pray so that I can heal the land in various ways. The enemy is a liar and those who serve him lie and deceive continually, so ask Me to reveal the truth to you. Most of the media is not telling you the truth about many things. Do not make decisions based on what they tell you.

I want to restore fathers back to their children. There are far too many children being raised by single mothers. These children, especially the boys, suffer at many levels. This is the enemy’s effort to destroy the family which is the foundation of society. Children raised in single mother families are more likely to fail in school, join gangs, go to jail and use drugs. Fathers, I am calling you to be there for your children. I am their heavenly father who loves them and watches over them, but you are to be their earthly provider and protector. Many men did not have a father to learn from and then do not know how to father their children. This has not always been true. The government has tried to replace the role of the father, and their policies ultimately harm children and do not encourage men to be a part of families.

Women, stop settling for relationships outside of marriage. They do not give you the love and security that you desire and is best for your children. The divorce rate for people who live together and then marry is higher than those couples who do not do that. Marriage is sacred and holy and meant to provide a safe environment for people to get their basic needs met. I created marriage and want to be a part of every marriage but often am not invited to participate. Resist the temptation to live outside the bounds of marriage. I cannot and will not bless these situations. I am a holy God who calls His children to live holy lives that I can bless and enrich. I created sex for marriage, procreation, and pleasure but, within the boundaries of marriage.

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