• Rev. Trudy Daley

The Storm Is Coming!

The storm is coming, time to crossover into a new time and a promised revival. Do not look back as you leave behind bondage and oppression by the globalists and their servants. Yes, they tried to make your lives harder and harder, but the time of deliverance has come. The truth about many people, companies and governments is about to be revealed. Treason has been committed by many, and they will soon be exposed and dealt with. They will not escape My judgment. The blood of all those children aborted, abused and trafficked has cried out to Me, and I am going to answer in ways that people will know that it is Me and My judgment.

It would appear that much of what you have expected to happen has been delayed. Trust the timing of events that will literally change the world, change governments, change the financial system and the court systems even to the highest levels. Mr. Soros is about to be toppled and his financial resources dried up as his ability to influence world events directed by his handlers will cease. Your eyes and ears are about to see and hear truth come forth. Much of it will be hard to believe because evil has been rampant throughout the world.

More and more dangerous drugs are being brought across the borders and distributed to young people. Fentanyl is a deadly drug which is wiping out many young people throughout America. Warn your children about it. Even touching it can be deadly.

Today a monumental shift will take place. You may not hear about it, but eventually history will reveal what has happened. The death of many empires will take place politically and financially worldwide. Many are about to reap what they have sown multiplied. Death has been set in motion for many of those who have received vaccines and suffered Covid-19 and its long term effects. Cry out to Me, and I will answer. Ask Me to reveal to doctors and My servants remedies to help alleviate these issues. Your life is in My hands and not the evil that is at work in the world. Trust Me in each situation that you face, and I will be with you and deliver you and protect you. In spite of all the chaos that surrounds you, be at peace for I still reign in this world and universe. Amen.

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