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The Dominos Are Falling!

There is great tension in the air as major shifts in power are about to take place. Those who believe that they are in control are pushing their agenda as hard and fast as they can believing that it cannot be reversed. All that it appears that has been set in motion through executive orders and mandates by the CDC and other organizations can and will be reversed. My judgement is in place and will manifest in many parts of the world. China, who believes that it is going to be the world’s super power, is in for a rude awakening as I take it and its hundred year agenda down. Watch and see what I will do there.The time of oppression of billions of people is over.

Keep your eyes focused on Me as all these things take place and are creating great fear and stress in your lives. It often appears darkest before the light of a new day comes. Man since the beginning of time has fallen for the lies and deception of the enemy and his efforts to destroy what I created. He does not win if you look to Me and seek guidance from Me. Even death cannot destroy you for I created you for eternity with Me. If you believe in Me and that My Son, Jesus Christ died for your sins and you accept Him as your Lord and Savior, when you die you will come into My presence in a glorified body with your spirit and soul. You will experience joy, peace and wholeness, the best version of yourself. Do not allow fear to affect your life and rob you of the time that I have given you on earth to be used by Me to bless others.

Repent of your sins and get right with Me. Forgive others and yourself for the ways that you have been hurt or negatively impacted. You are a forgiven child of Mine so forgive others and yourself. Much that will shock you is about to be revealed and needs to be dealt with for the sake of humanity and especially children. Revival is and will be breaking out in many places with healings, miracles and the transformation of many people and even governments. The righteous will get to rule and bless and protect people. Pray for the salvation of all who are under judgement from Me. I desire for all people to be saved and with Me in eternity.

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