• Rev. Trudy Daley

The Countdown Has Begun!

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 - Go!

I have begun those things that are meant to happen to interrupt the plans of the enemy worldwide. Do not focus on what you want to happen but trust My plans for you as you cannot begin to even imagine what they are. I rule a universe not just one planet, but I am aware of every detail on all that is happening. Remember I know even the thoughts and hearts of people and the enemy. Scandals are about to hit significant people and governments.The audit in Arizona will reveal the methods that were used to manipulate the vote. The same methods have been used throughout many elections for many years. It is about to come to an end. More audits will be happening over the next several months. Watch and wait as they go forward.

Sufficient unto the day is the trouble thereof. Take one day at a time and trust Me about the events of each day. You do not know if you will even be alive tomorrow or in what condition. I am not saying not to plan but live in the moment and all that I have for you in that moment. Too many people are living thinking about the next day, month, year that they miss out on the fullness of the current day. I have plans for you for everyday of your life that are detailed, growth oriented and ones of blessings for you. Trust Me about them.

Many are speaking of another wave of fear that is going to try to be used against you. Be careful. Be cautious but do not fear. I am with you and will direct what you are to do on a daily basis. I am going to shake the medical system to the very core because it has fallen far away from the path of healing and wholeness. Money, profits and propaganda are used against My people. The power and influence that are being used to manipulate doctors, researchers, hospitals and people are about to be dramatically curtailed. I am going to reveal methods of healing as well as supernatural healings to disrupt medicine as we know it. I am going to reveal plants and substances that will supplant many of the known medicines and all their toxic effects. Pray about the medicine that you use and if there are other medicines or cures that could be better for you. Love heals. Prayer heals. Try both.

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