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The Battles That You Fight !

The first battle that you fight is to be born and stay alive. Abortion is the most dangerous event that can prevent this from happening. One of the next battles that you fight is growing up depending on the environment that you are called to live in. Many children are abused, if not physically, then emotionally. Children experience fear, stress, depression and anxiety as much as adults do, and they are less equipped to handle them as they feel helpless to change their circumstances and cannot get away from them. Sexual abuse has also become more rampant as has sexual trafficking. Few are the children who make it through childhood in happy, peaceful and safe homes. This is not what I want for any child, and I call on adults to examine their behavior and how it is impacting their children. Your children are a gift from Me to you and the world. Value them, pray for them, protect them, and love them.

You are currently in a battle for the survival of your nation and the nations of the world, and the system of government that serves the people, not the people serving the government. It is a fierce battle and getting more fierce. Some of you are trying to ignore it and just go on with your lives but that is another form of defeat and allowing the enemy to win and you to lose all that you hold dear and need for a productive life. The enemy does not fight fair or in the open but sets in motion events through people and nations. Those who are allowing themselves to be used by him are being deceived and in the end will also be destroyed. Are you in any way allowing yourself to be used to harm others with your attitudes and behavior? Are you willing to look at the spiritual strongholds in your life and ask Me to deliver you from them?

What are the internal battles that you are fighting with: depression, insecurity, doubt, past wounds, unworthiness, addiction, sickness, failure or various sins? The enemy is trying to shake those that do not serve him. If you are under attack, it is because you are somehow interfering with the enemies’ plans or you are destined to do so. As negative and difficult as it may be, it is a positive sign that the enemy would not bother with you if you were not going to negatively affect his agenda. Call upon Me in your battle, and I will help you and send help to you through others who know Me and My love. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO Not give up.

I will answer your cries for help as I never leave or forsake My children. The ultimate victory is Mine, and it results in eternal life. My Son, Jesus Christ, has paid all the costs of your sins and opened the door to your salvation and life with Me.

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