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Stop Murmuring!

Stop Murmuring!

The children of Israel murmured in the wilderness, and an angel opened up the earth, and they were swallowed up, all two hundred and fifty of them. When others heard about this instead of repenting, they too bemoaned their circumstances, and once again the earth opened up and over two thousand were consumed. Do you think that God does not hear your murmuring because you do it in private? Every word that you speak is known and is in the atmosphere, and you will answer for it. The words that you speak out of your own mouth create your own reality so what are you speaking? Life and death are in your tongue. Are you speaking life or death?

What is your level of obedience to Me? Do you feel that there are things that you can choose to obey and that you can ignore others? Do you obey Me in the little things but ignore Me when it comes to big decisions? You say in your defense that you do not hear Me, but you have My Word to refer to, and you can ask My prophets to pray for you and give you a word though I would rather you seek Me on your own and trust that I will use circumstances, dreams or visions to speak to you. Obedience brings blessings; some small and others great. I use your obedience to bless others and then in turn you are blessed. Not everything that I ask of you may seem reasonable and may go against your common sense or the world’s way of thinking, and your flesh may want to resist it because it will require significant life changes. Often you will be asked to get out of your comfort zone. When you obey me, you will not be disappointed. You may first go through a difficult period before your blessing comes. When you obey Me in small matters and are blessed, it allows you to trust Me in more difficult circumstances. Your relationship with Me will grow deeper, and you will have more understanding of Me and My purposes. Your faith and trust in Me will grow. Are you willing to obey Me and leave all the consequences of those choices up to Me who has a perfect plan for your life and desires to bless you and use you to bless others and help My kingdom to come on earth? Obedience brings blessings!

Five years ago, the Lord told me to buy a new car and to give my Toyota Highlander to my son, Scott, because it would save his life. I loved my car and didn’t really want to part with it and actually held on to it until the Lord gave me a date by which I had to give it to my son. Recently, his wife who was using the Highlander got a new car and no longer needed it so they were going to give it back to me at the end of this month. Today, my son’s car was not working properly so he took the Highlander to work. On his way to work, he was in a five-car collision. He was traveling at a high speed and was unable to hit his brakes before he hit another car. Shortly after the collision, the Highlander caught fire and is totally destroyed. My son walked away from the accident unharmed. This event served to reinforce for me how critical it is to be obedient. Yes, it took five years before what the Lord spoke to me happened, but it reassures me that God is always preparing and protecting us. My blessing for my obedience is that my son’s life was spared. Be obedient to what God speaks to you as it may mean life and death.

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