• Rev. Trudy Daley

Spiritual Laws!

Man has made laws to live by so there is order and safety. I have made spiritual laws so there is order, safety and prosperity. My spiritual laws have been in effect since the beginning of time and do not change. Unfortunately, many of My children do not know what these laws are and so suffer from their lack of knowledge. The law that I want to speak about today is the law of sowing and reaping. This law states that whatever you sow, you will reap back a similar reaction but multiplied in magnitude. This law was set in motion to bless My children but can now work against them. If you sow goodness, you shall reap goodness. If you sow mercy, help, caring, generosity and forgiveness, you shall reap all of these in abundance. However, if you sow anger, bitterness, hatred, revenge, evil or unforgiveness, you shall reap these also multiplied. The choices are yours to make. Do you want your life blessed or cursed? This law is at work in every area of your life and the world. Those who have sown death and destruction with the negative effects of how they dealt with the Covid-19 virus will now reap what they have sown and multiplied and perhaps even unto their own deaths should they choose not to repent for their actions! Not only people are affected by this spiritual law but so are countries, governments, organizations, including churches, as well as corporations. How is your life being affected by this law? Everything that you say and do is impacted by this law. How do you treat other people, especially your parents, mate and children? These are the people who can bring great blessings to your life or much difficulty and unhappiness.

Tied to this law are generational consequences because of the sins of past generations and their effects that have come down from one generation to another until repented of. Fortunately, so do blessings and giftings come down from generation to generation. Ask Me to show you which sins in your life or those of past generations that are ones that you are still reaping negative effects from. Repent for all of these and watch as you then reap many positive blessings. Begin to check your behavior to see what you may be setting in motion which will bless you or harm you!

Watch the world as many in it are about to reap what they have sown - governments, companies, politicians, and yes, even those in the medical field who chose to go along with protocols that not only didn’t work but harmed people. If the law of sowing and reaping applies to the media and pharmaceutical companies, they will be devastated and perhaps destroyed as well as those running them. I set this law in motion, but you and others decide what you will reap multiplied from it.

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