• Rev. Trudy Daley

Rough Roads Ahead!

Down, down, down goes the media

Down, down, down goes the stock market

Down, down, down goes the Deep State

Down, down, down go the pharmaceutical companies

Down, down, down go the tunnels

Down, down, down go the biolabs throughout the world.

Ukraine was the center of the Deep State’s activities. Now their resources have been diminished, and they are like a snake with its head cut off thrashing about with chaos that is impacting many things. Good people can be used by the enemy to do evil things. Evil people can be used by Me to serve My plans and purposes. But I say to you, “Do not allow the enemy to use you for any of his purposes.” Resist him!


I say to you that in these times you are going to have challenges in your life.

The enemy is attacking almost everyone in various forms generally at their point of most vulnerability. He uses chaos and confusion in the world and in you to make you more vulnerable. Keep your eyes on Me and your ears open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. I am revealing to My prophets My next moves. I permit them to see into the future and even to hear the private conversations during their meetings as they plot against America, Israel and the world. Nothing happens in the world and in your lives that I don't know about and can reveal to My prophets, apostles and ministers to help you through every situation and struggle. Remember that I exist in the past, present and future simultaneously. That is why I can help you heal from all the past painful hurts and wounds that you have endured.


In the midst of these difficult days, I am sending forth My angelic armies to various parts of America and the world. Growth comes most often in times of trouble and persecution so shall it be now. Your faith is going to be challenged, your beliefs are going to be challenged and what is truth is going to be challenged. Safety, peace, comfort and reassurance are in Me. Therefore, seek Me more and more each day. Answer My call to share Me and who and what I am and what I can do with others. Billions of people throughout the world do not know Me but need to. At times, I do appear to them and reveal Myself to them so that they can choose to know Me and serve Me. Pray for your families and friends that you know are not saved. My promise does stand that if you serve Me that you and your household will be saved. Amen!”

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