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Right now, during the coronavirus...

Right now, during the coronavirus, many are suffering and many have died as a result of it. What are you to do? Recognize that you can use it as a time to reevaluate your lives and the way that you are living them. Do you need all the busyness and running to and fro that you are used to doing? Do you need to buy all the things that you always thought that you needed and now are doing without? This time has allowed you to catch up with family and friends that you never had time to do before this. Relationships are what bring the richness in your lives not money or possessions. Many people during this time are in need especially for food and medicine. Buy food or donate to food banks so that people can eat and remain healthy. If you see a need and can meet it, do so. In so doing, many can be blessed including you.

Yes, My children adversity will come, perhaps by My hand or from the enemy working through people or situations or because of your own choices. Because you are Mine, I can use it for good in your life to ultimately bless you and others through it. You can ask Me why you are going through such adversity and I may reveal it to you. During this time, it would benefit you to examine your attitudes, motives and behavior to see those that need to be changed. Ask yourself if I am the center of your life and if you allow Me to direct your life. For some of you, it is true most of the time but not all of the time. I desire for you to be totally surrendered to Me so that there is no door for the enemy to come in through. There is no such thing as a life that does not experience some adversity even if it outwardly appears that way. Often, it is well hidden and people put on their mask, (public face), but I know all things. Some of you are living in denial and trying to pretend that all is well hoping that the situation will resolve itself. Abuse of any kind generally only gets worse with time and not better unless it is confronted and dealt with. Many of you may be asking why I allow such things and seem not to care or intervene. I am with you even during these situations even though it may not seem that way. You may also feel as though many who do these horrible things get away with them. Not true – there is justice and what one sows they will reap.

I have sent forth My ministering angels, and they are released to all parts of the world. The enemy has meant this time to accomplish much evil and suffering, but I have a larger plan to use it to bring justice and freedom to many who have been suffering under totalitarian regimes. Many thrones are about to fall, and My children who have suffered for so long will know freedom to worship Me and live their lives unafraid. Watch and see what I am about to do not only in the world but in your life. Trust Me and ask Me for help, I will answer your cry.

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