• Rev. Trudy Daley


The restoration has begun! The Supreme Court has restored the right to pray in a public space. It has also allowed people to protect themselves with the ability to arm themselves. It has not allowed non-citizens to vote in public elections. The most important decision is that it defeated Roe vs Wade and allowed the people of each state to help determine what their policy will be regarding abortion. Now get ready for the backlash that is coming. The enemy has lost various aspects of his power and plans to win the battle that he has fought since the beginning of time.

Most of my children are under attack and are very aware of what its source is but know that they will ultimately have the victory. Do not give up. Breakthrough is almost here. I will help you have victory over every situation that you face. The results may be different than what you expect but better. My hand has fallen so watch for all that is about to change. Pray for justice! Revenge is mine, and I will repay for all the evil that the enemy has inflicted on this world. The enemy and deep state through various vaccines have tried to control the birth rate especially in Africa and wherever Covid shots were widespread. Watch and be surprised as I am going to increase the birth rate as I declare that I give life and take it away. No one or nothing else can do this though they may try.

The pharmaceutical companies feel like they are all powerful and cannot be touched legally or financially. They are in for a big surprise. The bigger they are, the harder they will fall. I am releasing an angelic force to help in the battle to heal and restore marriages, families, and relationships. For some of you, this seems impossible but do not give up hope. Pray for whatever you need to be healed in your life. I am a God of restoration and will restore many-fold what the enemy has robbed from you. Yes, even time and opportunities that you felt were gone forever. I can do all things - even what seems impossible. Amen!

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