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December 20, 2022 Prophetic Word Received by Rev. Trudy Daley

Rest In Me!

Yes, rest in Me and not yourselves! Nothing is impossible for Me to accomplish. If you trust in your own abilities, you shall surely struggle and perhaps even fail. I am your source for all things, and I will not fail you when you call upon My name. I call you to take a sabbath rest so that in the other six days, you can accomplish the equivalent of seven days of work. Without that day of rest, you face burnout and possible health issues. I made you, and I know what is best for you. Include Me in all that you do, ask Me for guidance and wisdom, and I will grant it so that you can rest in Me and be at peace.

The Time Has Come!

My hammer of judgment is coming down on all who I have called to repentance, but they would not repent. They have done great evil in My sight, especially to My young children. They cry out to Me as they are being killed, abused, trafficked and tortured. So many have turned a blind eye to these things and not protected My children. Those who would do these things do not fear Me or My judgment on them, but they should. They have created hell on earth for these innocent ones. Therefore, they will endure hell for eternity with no chance of escape! I have begun taking down world leaders and next will be many who have been in power in America for decades especially those in Congress who colluded against My people and this nation. WOE TO THEM!

Fear Not!

Yes, there is about to be great turmoil in many ways, but I will protect My children. Many who do not know Me will not be spared which grieves My spirit. As you see these things happen, turn to Me and cry out to Me for help, and I will give it. Stand in faith and take authority over the evil that is trying to manifest. Yes, the Deep State is about to release many things against this nation, but they will not succeed. I have had enough so prepare for the death of your enemies, riots, earthquakes, tornadoes, and other weather events. See what I am about to do in Washington, D.C. - at many levels!

Merry Christmas- May you know the love, joy and peace that Christ brings!

Weekly Challenge: Take a sabbath rest weekly!

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