• Rev. Trudy Daley


The enemy is trying to do a global reset but his reset is going to get reset. Deaths and arrests are waiting in the wings of the world stage. The enemy’s actors are playing their roles in hopes that the world is buying into their play and drama. The world on the whole believes that it is real, but it is not and soon will be exposed. The ending is definitely going to be different than the one that they planned. When it appears that all is lost, then will I step in and reverse the outcomes of what has already happened. This is playing out in your lives also as your levels of stress and discouragement are increasing as the news and the outlook that they are projecting worsen day by day. Remember that I am able to bring good out of every negative situation that you face. Ask Me for help, wisdom and a plan of action for you to be victorious and have peace in each instance. You fear because of your lack of knowledge as to what is the truth and what is really going on. The mainstream media is not revealing the truth in many situations but rather that which their owners have called them to say. Because those giving the news have chosen to do so, they will pay the price for their choice - money over truth. I call you to seek out the truth for yourself and not rely on just watching mainstream media. It is out there, but it will take time and energy to find it out. Your very life and existence depend on doing so.

Rebellion that is rising up against the vaccine mandate is the start of the war to retain your freedom that those in power want to take away permanently. They are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. The first revolution was fought against a sovereign power that ruled with a heavy hand. This revolution will be fought against an evil power whose desire is absolute control and authority. This revolution has not just started but was placed in motion many years ago and has its sight on final victory that it believes is in reach presently. Not so! Can the revolution be stopped? NO! Repentance will not stop it as the battle has been going on since the beginning of time. However, in the end I have the victory which means that you will have the ultimate victory.

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