• Rev. Trudy Daley


Rejoice for I am accelerating My Move that will touch and impact many. The enemy’s time is up and his reign of terror is over. Enough! Watch what I am about to do in many different arenas and in many different ways. His attacks against My children, especially against My servants, are done, and I call you to declare it so. Do not settle passively by as he attacks you. I have given you the victory. Pray for it and claim it. Stop believing the lies of the media and the politicians who do whatever it takes to gain power, influence and money. A small percentage of people control a large part of the wealth in the world. That is about to change. My servants who have sacrificed for the work of the kingdom are now going to be rewarded and blessed in many ways. Poverty and struggles are not my portion for the faithful. Many in positions of power are about to be removed. Some from their positions and others from the earth itself. Vengeance is Mine, and I will repay. Do not seek revenge or go against those who have abused you for I will be the one to repay. I stand for justice, and those who have gone against Me and My kingdom are about to receive the justice that I have prepared for them. Watch and see. However, I do call you to forgive those who have come against you so that you are free to be forgiven by Me.

The things that are about to happen will be like a dam that breaks and everything below it will be destroyed or severely impacted. Watch the dam above Wuhan, China. Watch the volcanoes around the Ring of Fire. The underground faults are about to shift and set off much activity. The world as you know it is about to change, and there will be much upheaval as it does, but I will be with you. Once again, I call you to prepare food and water and key necessities including medicines. Many will not survive, but those that do will know that I am the sovereign God who created this world, flooded it to destroy evil and will deal with it once again to destroy evil. But I am also a restorer and will be at work restoring and improving much. Wait upon Me.

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