• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophets! Battle Weary! What's Next!


I reveal My plans to My prophets! Do all of them receive the exact same messages? No! I may reveal one thing to a given prophet and another word to another prophet! Together they may have a more complete picture of what I am speaking. I also call you to test the words that you receive from a prophet as many personal prophecies are conditional and not absolute. A conditional prophecy will often say, “ if you _______ then this will happen.” If the person doesn’t do the first part then the second part most likely will not happen. Seek to hear directly from Me so that I can guide and direct your path.

Battle Weary!

The enemy has intensified his attacks against people and nations. It seems that many of you are going from one difficult issue or situation to another, and you are battle weary. Ask Me to strengthen you so that you can stand against these onslaughts. It would also seem that one of the enemy’s tactics is to bring back past painful events that you thought were long settled and buried. I am doing a heart cleansing and what the enemy has meant for evil, I will use for good. Through this process, you will be able to see how much you have grown since those past events. I am for you and not against you so trust the process even if it is uncomfortable and difficult for you to go through.

What’s Next!

Revival fire is growing and spreading as I release My angels and glory. Yes, there has been much devastation in lives and property that keeps you wondering what is next. If you know that you know, that you know that you will have the ultimate victory, this can help you through ALL that is coming.

China, India, Japan, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Iran and Israel are all in for surprises, and they believe that they will determine outcomes in the world, but I say not so fast as I am sovereign and ultimately determine events and outcomes. The enemy wants to destroy all of humanity. I will not allow this at this point in time. Watch as the tables are about to turn dramatically.

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