• Rev. Trudy Daley


Today, because My servants chose to listen and follow My call for prayer, a major disastrous event was avoided. Their obedience spared many lives. I use My servants and My prophets to seek Me in prayer so that they can accomplish much. Prayer is a powerful weapon that has and does change the courses of lives and history. It can also change your lives. Prayers are not idle words that you speak hoping that they will be answered, but if they are targeted and specific, they can accomplish mighty deeds. Those who pray in tongues are praying according to My spirit and My will. Therefore, they will accomplish their purposes. Pray more. Pray about everything. Prayer is a powerful tool and weapon.

Stand fast. Do not be intimidated by the enemy and his forces. The battle is Mine, and I will not only win the battles, but the war. It may not always appear that way from the world’s perspective but remember, I know the beginning, the middle, and the end. I often allow circumstances and outcomes that appear as if the enemy has won so that I position the outcome to be placed for My ultimate use of his final defeat. The riots that you see being allowed by many politicians who believe that doing so will reassure their reelection to office have underestimated the silent majority who will vote them out. There is also the majority of one who allows leaders to rise and fall. That would be Me. So many people discount My intervention in events small, large and huge.

The enemy has overplayed his hand. He is using people to accomplish his purposes, but he has not been able to control them and their actions which will cause their ultimate failure. Little do those being used realize that they will eventually be sacrificed to make way for others to move into power. These times are difficult to be alive and understand. The chaos and lack of peace are so overwhelming, and there is more to come. Remember that I am always with you to warn you, protect you and help you through each and every incident. Watch over your minds and hearts. Do not allow fear to come in to make you anxious or worry and cause you not to trust Me. Pray, pray and pray more so that you can be part of the force that I use to change things and overcome all the plans of the enemy. He will not ultimately win. I have the final say and victory.

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