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Power and Intimidation!

April 4, 2023 Prophetic Word Received by Rev.Trudy Daley

Power and Intimidation!

As you view the world’s current situation, you see much that is disturbing as various forces seek more and more control. The World Health Organization Treaty would have all the world answer the dictates of their organization when a pandemic was declared. They would also be the one declaring the pandemic. There is also a bill in Congress to ban Tik Tok, but it would also allow for the arrest and imprisonment of people without a trial for misspeaking. Free speech would no longer exist! What else is being used to intimidate you - threats of food shortages as food plants are being systematically destroyed, crisis in the banking industry, inflation, lay-offs, and a third world war?

Throughout history, many tactics have been used to gain and maintain power. Great empires would rise but ultimately fall. Is America any different? There are forces both spiritually and politically that are seeking the ultimate destruction of America through the destruction of the family, morality. financial instability, military decline and spiritual decline.

The media would have you believe many lies and half-truths to paint the picture that they want you to believe, but they are in for a rude awakening. As the battle for America and its preservation goes on, there is a force that is also arising, an awakening both politically and spiritually. Just like in the times of the Roman Empire, the government had all the power and control as the world awoke to Christianity.

Today, there is no political Roman Empire, but Christianity has infiltrated the world and influenced it and changed it. There is a Chinese Empire that has formulated plans to soon run the world and have complete power. Will this happen? China has in it one of the fastest-growing praying Christian populations, and once again that force will dramatically affect the future of China. Who wins? God and His awakening. Many civilizations have come against Jehovah and been defeated. The Bible does predict a time when much destruction and devastation will come to this world but now is the time for revival and a spiritual awakening even in the face of much power and intimidation.

Weekly Challenge! Choose to not be intimidated by the world or the devil. Follow God and His ways and not the political world!

April 4, 2023, A Word of Encouragement!

God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and ever-present. His will cannot be defeated though you might believe that it can. At the end of thousands of years of various empires, God’s kingdom is mighty and will prevail. Throughout history, His people have suffered and been afflicted, but His kingdom has survived and changed the world and will continue to do so! History continues to repeat itself!

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