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  • Rev. Trudy Daley

Power and Authority!

The government of the United States as well as other governments throughout the world have used their power and authority unlawfully to gain control of the political system and bring about a global reset of society and control of the financial system with digital currencies. If this would happen, it would undermine financial freedom as all transactions would be monitored and controlled. Yes, there will be a financial reset but not the one that the globalists are counting on. Their illegal use of authority has already been hindered by the Supreme Court's decision to limit the outreach of the EPA.

Since the beginning of time, there has been a battle over power and authority. Adam was given authority over the earth but forfeited it to Satan when he fell into sin. Jesus Christ’s coming to earth set in motion the restoration of man’s power and authority when He defeated death and was resurrected. The enemy has not relinquished what he believes to be rightfully his, but in the end, the victory is Mine. I have now given man power and authority to defeat all of the plans of the enemy in the world. At times, It may appear as though the enemy is winning, but the final victory goes to Me and My Church. However, until then you must fight the battles and stand on My Word and call on Me to battle with you.

Do you believe that you have been given power and authority? You have, and I call you to use it against the forces of darkness that create death and destruction in the lives of people. I have overcome death so pray for the dead to come back to life. I have overcome sickness so pray for people to be healed and made whole. I have overcome the spiritual and physical oppression of the enemy so set people free from any bondage that holds them captive. I know the truth and speak it so that people can be taught from My Word about their ability to also walk in My power and authority. Be sure not to misuse either your power or authority in the wrong way especially within the church or your families!

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