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November 8, 2022, Prophetic Word Received by Rev. Trudy Daley


Who has the power therefore the influence and the ability to control outcomes?

The Deep State for many years has exercised their power over people, nations, economies, and political parties. Is control real? Many would have you believe

that it is, but the truth is that control is allowed by you, people, and more specifically by Me! I determine who will rule and reign in the world and the universe. Who you listen to and believe will be what controls you and how your future is determined. If you are overwhelmed with fear, you will look to whatever you believe will make you safe whether that be a person, place, organization, government, a god, or Me. To choose anything but Me is to leave yourself vulnerable and in danger. I am your protector and deliverer.

Today, the nation of America will go to the polls hoping to shift the balance of power in the United States government believing that if only the Republicans can get back in everything will get better. This is the enemy’s great deception as he is at work in the lives of many on both sides and in reality, seeks to be the ultimate one in power working through the forces that he has built and developed through the centuries. He has successfully overtaken many and used them and nations to accomplish his purposes, always falsely believing that he can ultimately win. He has even actually deceived himself. Yes, there will be wars, famines, plaques, droughts, hurricanes and earthquakes, and many forms of destruction, but he will NOT WIN! I am the one in POWER and CONTROL so cry out to Me to protect you and cause the changes needed for you to be a safe and free people. It is possible. I am the answer, not the world’s systems.

I have given to My believers power and authority through the name of My Son, Jesus Christ, to conquer and overcome death, evil, sickness, oppression, and the power of the devil in all of its forms. Are you walking in that authority and power?

I have given you spiritual gifts which I anoint so that they operate in power. The power comes from Me not you so use the gifts in humility recognizing that without Me you can do nothing. Use the power and authority that I give you to be the greatest servants to My people and one another and not to dominate or rule over them. Husbands and wives may this be true of you to one another and your children.

Weekly Challenge - Walk in the power and authority that I have given you in humility.

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