• Rev. Trudy Daley



I am a God of order. I created the universe and continue to sustain it working with great precision. This order has been disrupted by mankind. Often those in control claim to be at work helping to preserve the earth when in reality they are harming it. Weather concepts have been perverted to establish movements to financially benefit certain groups. It has also been manipulated through devices that change normal patterns to create desired effects. Since I am a God of order, I am about to restore order over the chaos that now exists in the world and in some of your lives. Order brings structure, guidelines and discipline which are blessings when they are established and maintained to help and not harm people.


The enemy has brought the opposite of order to the world and you. Crime, disruptions, chaos, rebellion and sickness are prevalent throughout the earth. However, his reign of terror is about to come to an end. Those who have helped to create it and participate in it will now reap the same in their lives. Death and destruction will touch them without warning as they reap what they have sown. The world has been engulfed in a plan for its destruction and ultimate control. This is also true in many lives as you have suffered sickness, death, loss of businesses and jobs. You are about to witness a turn around in all of these areas after I have dealt a death blow to the enemy’s plans. Much of what you hear and see is not real but a production that has been put on to deceive you.

Restoration, Resurrection, Revival!

I am the giver of life in all of its forms, and I am about to touch this world and all in it with restoration and resurrection. Your dreams that you have given up on can be resurrected as I show you how to do that. I created America to be a blessing to the world but political forces chose domination over countries and people and manipulated them to their advantage. Watch as I wake up the people of the world with restoration, resurrection and revival. It cannot be stopped. Pray and stand for freedom and righteousness. You have authority over evil and all its ways. Use it to set people free both physically and spiritually. Arise and go forth in My power and strength and become all that you were created to be!

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