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New Beginnings!

January 3, 2023, Prophetic Word Received by Rev. Trudy Daley

New Beginnings!

Look forward and not backward as you begin a new year! I am a God of second chances so as you begin this new year ask Me to help you shift and change in the areas of your life that are not working. You have tried to change without My help, and it hasn’t worked so now try it with My help and see what happens. Start this new year by letting go of any offenses that you have held onto or any unforgiveness you still have. You have asked for My forgiveness, and I have given it to you. Let go of any disappointments that you have because you have not seen happen what you expected either in your personal life or in the world. Remember My timing is perfect.


I am a God of restoration, and I have promised that what the enemy has stolen will be restored to you multiplied. Look at what I did for Job. How that restoration may come might look very different than how you expect it to be so be open to how I choose to do it and not how you expect it. Some of you have waited many years for promises that I have given you to be fulfilled. As the years pass, it would seem that they may never be fulfilled, but I ask you to continue to trust Me for them. The enemy has brought great death and destruction to the world as he is determined to see My plans and My creations destroyed. He uses and operates through people, institutions, dictators, politicians, governments, corporations, movements, media, and all forms of corruption. However, he will not win no matter how it looks.

My Hand Has Fallen!

Judgment has begun and there are about to be some suddenlies. Yes, those suddenlies will be in the church, politics, governments, media, sports, leaders, corporations and even medicine. The release of data exposing much has just begun. Nothing will remain hidden. I am about to deal especially with courts and judges that have perverted the law and the constitution, and I am about to start with the Supreme Court! Blackmail and political pressure have been used to sway many judges’ decisions but watch as I begin to apply My justice in these situations. Many are about to fall and have their decisions reversed and their positions taken away. Yes, even in the Supreme Court. Election results will be reviewed and reversed in some places and those who committed crimes will pay for their crimes.

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