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My Kingdom Come – My Will Be Done!

Prophetic Word May 9, 2023 as received by Pastor Trudy Daley

My Kingdom Come – My Will Be Done!

Revival has started and will spread throughout the world. I am setting in place those whom I will use to ignite Holy Spirit fires that will not be put out. The body of Christ will wake up and begin to fight against evil that is pervasive throughout the world. Unity will create power and then My church will walk in its authority to bring down all the efforts of the enemy seeking death and destruction. Choose to be a part of those working to bring salvation, deliverance, and spiritual freedom to many. The fields are ready but many who will bring in the harvest need to step forward and join the work. My kingdom seeks righteousness and justice for all. It seeks to function in My ways which are higher than the world’s ways. Love, peace, forgiveness, humility, self-control, justice, patience, and mercy are the ways that I would have My children walk in and reflect in their lives. My Son, Jesus Christ, came to heal and deliver you so you can be a person that walks in these ways. Choose to do so. Ask Me for help, and I will help you to become the person that you are called to be.

My will is perfect for you and for the world but because man was given free will many have chosen those ways that are against My will and ways. Therefore, there is much darkness in the world instead of the light I can bring. The forces that are at work in the world have hidden their agenda and would have you believe that all is well when that is far from the truth. I have been trying to wake up humanity to all the dangers that are at work trying to bring it down but especially America which stands in the way of the globalist takeover. In two days, the border of the United States will be open to many new illegal immigrants that provide a security threat to this country as most of the immigrants are single young men. Are they an army being raised up to create chaos and destruction in America? Are they coming without the permission of the cartels and then will be targets of the cartels to send a message to others not to try to do the same? In either case, great chaos and attacks against society will happen. This is not My will so stand and pray against it.

Weekly Challenge – Be a part of those who are helping My kingdom to come.

Word of Encouragement!

Despite how things look, know that I am working behind the scenes to undermine and destroy the works of the enemy. I need you to pray and come into unity with other believers to help facilitate My will being done and My kingdom coming!

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