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February 14, 2023-Prophetic Word Received by Rev. Trudy Daley

My Heart!

My heart is grieved over what My children do to each other for money and out of a sense of false righteousness. You disagree with what is said so you call others racist, white supremacists, nazis, etc.. You sell your souls for money, power, and success while you do not see that ultimately you will have none of these and will spend eternity in hell. Yes, hell is real and forever. You are about to see the consequences to those who believed that they could rule the world and become like gods. There is and always will be only one god - Jehovah - ME! I am all-knowing, all-powerful, and the ultimate judge of everything and everyone!

Fake News!

Do you believe what most of the media is telling you? Well then, you are being deceived because they are mostly not telling you all the facts or the truth. They say look at this, look at all that is happening here so that you don’t see all that is being done behind the scenes. Look at all the balloons but don’t look at the Hunter Biden scandal. Oh, there is a new pill to take to fight covid but don’t believe the number of deaths from Covids' consequences. By the way, compulsory Covid shots are still being pushed for children to go to school. This is criminal. The world, however, is finally waking up and questioning all those who profited from covid. I say that they will not go unpunished. They sold their souls to create death and death they shall know firsthand.

Do Not Lose Heart!

Because you do not know all that I am doing behind the scenes, you may feel discouraged and disappointed. Much needs to happen in the right time and in the right way to destroy the whole Deep State, not just part of it so it cannot come back in any form. The enemy has plotted since the beginning of time for this opportunity, but he has played his hand out of timing so it will fail and be taken down and all those who chose to be part of it. Restoration is planned by Me, and you will see it in ways that will bless you and surprise you.


Second Word from the Lord. Rev. Trudy Daley

I Am Love!

You are a part of Me that I released into the world to accomplish My purposes. I put you into the family that would prepare you for your destiny. You may question why you were put into the family that you were because you struggled and suffered, and at times, were abused and unloved. You were and are loved by Me, and I will bring you to a place of hope, peace, and love as you walk with Me and surrender to My will for you so that I can guide each of your steps. Ask Me to heal all of your heart wounds, and I will. By My son’s stripes, you were healed. Ask to have a sense of your destiny and My purposes in the world for you. The completeness of My love for you was shown to you by the death of My son, Jesus Christ, on the cross. That sacrifice makes possible all things in your life for now and in eternity. What are you willing to sacrifice for Me so that others may be saved and return to Me from their present state? Each of you is a part of Me in the world to transform the world. Be My light in the present dark world. I will protect you and keep you safe so that your light shines brightly. I love you and nothing can separate you from My love. Nothing, not your sins, not your failures, not even your betrayals; NOTHING!

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