• Rev. Trudy Daley

My Hand Is Falling!

My Hand Is Falling!

Biden, your days are numbered and so are many in your party as you have committed treason. You will not get away with it and all will be revealed. Count your days I say. The enemy has used you to participate in great evil and then you tried to cover it up in the Ukraine. You have pushed for a world war. You shall not have it. I will restore the Ukraine but without its Nazi corruption and influence. The Nazi Azov guard will pay for its sins against the Ukrainian people.

Attacks - Spiritual and Physical

The enemy has pulled out all the stops against My people knowing that they are the key to revival and the destruction of his plans for the earth. Remember My children that Satan is a defeated enemy. My Son, Jesus Christ, has overcome death and the power of the devil and yes, sickness. Trust Me to bring good out of every attack of the enemy. It may take time to see that. Satan is trying to create division amongst you so that you will become discouraged and give up. Do not let him win. Take no offense in any situation for that is his bait. Forgiveness is not always easy, but it is the only tool that works to set you free and allows you to continue to grow and be used powerfully by Me. Buried anger not only affects you spiritually but also physically. I can set you free from it if you ask Me to.

Prayer and Fasting!

How much time do you spend praying and fasting? The answer is probably very little, but these are weapons of warfare when the enemy’s attacks come against you. Come apart with Me where I can speak to you and the situations that you are facing. Your flesh is used against you by the enemy. By fasting your mind can become clearer, and you can hear My Holy Spirit speaking to you more. Troubled times are coming as the enemy tries harder and harder to cause chaos and destruction. I am with you and will guide, direct and protect you. You can always trust. Seek to be at peace with one another. A time of testing and struggles will be followed by a time of refreshing.

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