• Rev. Trudy Daley

My Creation!

The elites of the world are in the process of altering My creations - not just man but also animals and plants. Through gene technology, they are claiming to improve man’s life but fail to recognize that it is My design, and they do not know the overall and long term consequences of what they are doing and that these changes are irreversible. The downward spiral that has started is the desire to control mankind and his life and death cycle. Abortion began the process with the option of choosing abortion after several months, then after full term and now even after the birth of the child. The next step that is being taken is the end of life where assisted suicide will be legal. Next, the medical professionals will determine if you should live or die because of the resources you will require to live. Many states in the United States have laws that state that unless you object to having your organs harvested, that they can be taken to be transplanted to save other lives. Look how far the struggle between life and death has come. This has not only been with man but also with plants and animals. Your foods have been genetically altered and therefore, are not always compatible with your bodies. If you think that this is just a small number of foods, you are being misled. My design for you was perfect and meant for you to have a healthy and productive life.

The enemy has convinced man that you do not need Me or My Son, Jesus Christ but can live forever by becoming transhuman and not experience death or disease. The part that is being left out is that you have a soul and spirit that is influenced and directed by Me and that they cannot alter them as they were created in My image and likeness. You came from Me, and you will return to Me. Yes, your body will die, but your soul and spirit will be with Me in eternity if you refuse to believe the lies of the enemy and accept salvation through My Son, Jesus Christ. My Word says that just as in the days of Noah so shall it be in the end times. Man is fastly approaching these times. Do not be deceived, transhumanism is death for eternity.

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