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  • Rev. Trudy Daley


The love of money is the root of evil! Why is this so? The desire for money often leads people to do unlawful things which then harm people. Money can and often does create power and how that power is used can be for good or evil. For hundreds of years, a group of affluent families have controlled the money supply to dominate the world and many events in it - wars, the rise, and fall of nations and political leaders. They have also created some bioweapons in the form of various vaccines distributed throughout the world with no liability concerns due to laws passed to allow this circumstance.

A small percentage of people have a majority of the world’s wealth. Some have chosen to use it to the benefit of many. Others use it to influence and control much of what happens in the world. This is soon to change in a significant way as I intervene. The laundering of money through the cry of “climate control” is about to be over. The use of weather-altering machines that are causing great damage with water is about to stop. The CCP has used money to undermine America and to try to bring it down by buying off politicians and people of influence. They are soon to be in for a surprise as the Deep State is about to collapse as is their economy along with the European Union. The stock market collapse is near as is a new currency and financial system!

A great reversal is about to take place - watch and see! How are you using the resources that I have given you? All that you have comes from Me, and I desire that you do not hoard it but use it to bless others as well as yourself. I would that My children take a portion that I direct them to for the building up of My kingdom works and to bless others. Remember what you sow is what you shall reap multiplied. To whom much is given, much will be required. I am your security, not your money. Your money can be gone in a day, but I will always be there for you to provide and protect you! Love people; not power and money for they can be gone in the blink of an eye. Share what you have - money, goods, and talents so that I can bless you with more.

A Weekly Challenge! Find two people who need help and help them.

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