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Many of My children are questioning why they have not been healed or delivered

Many of My children are questioning why they have not been healed or delivered as My Word has promised. My Word does not lie. By My Son’s shed blood, you are healed and when you operate in the authority that you have, people will be delivered. Many have tried to define all the reasons that people are not healed as they search for explanations as to why it has not happened. I know that those who asking for answers often become angry and upset and begin to lose heart and have difficulty understanding what is happening. This has been especially true about those who die before their appointed time. I say to you that there will come a time when you will understand why.

Darkness is coming and as My Word says and gross darkness. America has gone down a path of rebellion against Me and My laws. It is going further and further away from the path that it should be on. This is not only true of the nation but also true for churches. My Word is being so watered down that it has lost its power, but people don’t even recognize this as they are comfortable with not being challenged about their attitudes and life choices. The enemy is alive and well even in the midst of My churches. Those who dare to challenge this are accused of being rebellious. In reality, it is the people who are being rebellious. You cannot defy My laws and not receive the consequences of that. Yes, I am a forgiving God but that comes after heartfelt sorrow and repentance. I call My children to be humble and serve one another. They are not to want to always be the one in the limelight and being lauded and applauded. I do not share My glory even with those whom I love dearly. Each person is gifted by Me and anointed by Me to accomplish what I have called them to do. I will not remove their gifting, but I will remove their anointing. I want My children to choose a life of holiness, truth, humility and service. My Son, Jesus, humbled himself even unto death that all could be saved. Allow the Christ within you to help you live according to the spirit and not the dictates of your flesh. Ask to be guided in all aspects of your life by My Holy Spirit so that all that I have called you to do you can accomplish. I am opening new doors for many of My children, and I am sending forth My angels to help them in all that they encounter that will try to stop them. I am with you through all things and will guide you, strengthen you and encourage you. Trust Me and cry out to Me, and I will answer.

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