• Rev. Trudy Daley


Manipulation is a tool of the devil which he uses in many places and forms. Manipulation is witchcraft. It can be cloaked in subtle ways as strong suggestions or opinions, but its purpose is very clear - to control and influence the outcome. In one of the simplest forms is advertising which seeks to convince you to behave in a given way - buy the product, invest in the opportunity or vacation in a given location. Do you recognize this as witchcraft? Your behavior can be a form of witchcraft when you use a person’s caring to make them do what you want. Even making fun of someone to get them to behave differently is manipulation. Pay attention to your interactions. Sometimes in the name of trying to help someone, you use tactics that are actually trying to manipulate them.

Right now the world is experiencing one of the most obvious exercises in manipulation/witchcraft. The media, governments and politicians are pushing to influence people and control them. Laws which mandate behavior, which they claim are in the best interest of people, do not leave people with the ability to choose as punishment is often tied to not following the mandate. All of this is Satan at work pushing his evil disguised as help and protection where in reality it is more control and destruction now and in the future. You have a free will. I gave it to you. Exercise it in every area of your life.

I am watching over all of My children and protecting them. If you ask Me to, I can guide your thoughts and actions each day. Ask Me for wisdom and discernment, and I will give it to you. Much is about to change as the time has come for Me to release all that has been fake and hidden. Treason has been rampant at many levels through those whose agendas do not match mine but rather Satan’s. The penalty for treason, as declared by civil law, is death and so that shall be what those who have been treasonous shall receive. Yes, they can repent and receive mercy from Me, but their earthly punishment may still stand. I am a God of justice, and I will meet out justice to all involved in treason and great manipulation. Search your own hearts regarding your behavior, words and choices.

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