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May 16, 2023, Prophetic Word Received by Rev. Trudy Daley


In the beginning, I said to let there be light and there was light. I say that again, but this light will be the light of revelation that will reveal all that has been hidden – evil - corruption – lies – schemes – agendas – and power plays. Nothing is hidden so well that I cannot reveal it – and quickly. The media has been complicit with all these things, thereby believing that they will not be able to be held accountable for their lies and misinformation. This may be true in the world's realm but not in My courts of justice. You are about to see the downfall of several media sources. Watch and see!

My light is also coming in the form of a new spiritual awakening. My presence and glory will be revealed in ways that cannot be denied. Those who truly seek light and truth will find it. My light will penetrate My children’s darkness and set them free from spiritual oppression and bondage. You will see revival in places that you never dreamt possible – China – Turkey – Russia – Pakistan – Iraq and even Iran. It is waiting to burst forth from its underground facilities. Day by day it is increasing in numbers and power. This time it will not be able to be suppressed. Woe to those who have used their power to oppress My children and My church.

My children, it has also come to a time of dealing with the darkness that is within you that has laid dormant and unchallenged. The time for freedom from oppression is here. Ask Me to reveal to you those places where darkness dwells and affects you and your health. Who have you judged - your parents or caregivers - your spouse – your children – the government – the church – your workplace and bosses? You need to repent for these judgements so that the enemy can not hold these against you, and your life can be peaceful and blessed and free from what these judgements bring with them. Whatever you judge will come back into your life in the same manner unless you repent of the judgements and forgive those that caused you to judge them in the first place.

Weekly Challenge! Ask God to reveal to you any areas in your life that needs light, repentance and forgiveness.

Word of Encouragement!

I am at work in the world and in your life to reveal that which is in darkness so that I can bring light and truth to it.

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